Impacted Teeth Removal

Wisdom Tooth Extraction Dubai

The natural growth of wisdom teeth can become complicated if they lack enough room for growth in the jaw, tilts them unnaturally and leaves them impacted. Since the wisdom teeth are the last to grow out, they can negatively impact the rest of the the teeth if they are at the wrong angles. Often termed as the third molars, the majority of humans grow four wisdom teeth which commonly start coming out at the start of adulthood.

Impacted wisdom teeth cause pain and other dental complications, which necessitates they be dealt with accordingly. In case they are causing significant pain and issues, our dentists at Perfect Smile recommend Impacted Teeth Removal Process which surgically extracts the selected wisdom teeth. Our procedure can be summarized in the following steps:

- Dental analysis to determine is the patient is ready for the procedure. In case of any issues, they are dealt with first before impacted teeth extraction can ensue.

- Local anesthetic is applied to desensitize the site subject to dental procedure.

- The gum tissue of the wisdom tooth is dissected and bone connections to the tooth are severed.

- The tooth is completed isolated from any connecting tissue and is then further divided into smaller pieces to facilitate extraction process.

- Stitches are applied on the site of removal and are removed when our dentists deem the site to have sufficiently healed.