Tooth Bonding

Tooth Bonding Dubai

Tooth bonding procedures are used to repair and enhance existing teeth for improving their cosmetic look and functionality. Tooth bonding is a very selective technique which requires dentists with professional experience for maximum effect. Contrary to using mercury fillings, this procedure is more complex than just drilling and filling up the cavity. Any issues during procedure such as imperfect drilling or excessive force result in cracking, leaking and failure of the treatment.

While dental bonding does require experienced dentists for being successful, it is extremely effective in restoring functionality and cosmetic looks as well as the functionality of the teeth. With the advances in dental technology, the latest composite materials and bleeding edge procedures practiced at Perfect Smile allow us to treat our patients with highly customized, medically sound and perfect tooth bonding which restores the teeth to their fullest glory. These allow us to replicate the natural look at a similar level and provide the patient with the same health benefits of having their real teeth. Our IPS Empress Direct (Ivocular Vivadent) composite is almost impossible to distinguish cosmetically as being synthetic.