Reversing Cavity

Reversing Cavity Dubai

Tooth decay is normally deemed as being irreversible, but at Perfect Smile we provide dental care which not only eliminates it but also repairs the subsequent damages. Our goal is to identify root causes for patient issues and treating them before they become a serious threat. This removes the requirement for direct medical procedures and is more accommodating for patients as well.

We focus on patient awareness to minimize the necessity of surgical and chemical based procedures for investing in our patient’s long term dental health. Our priority is for our patients smile to be unhindered by dental issues and as such, we have our own range of products such as toothpastes and mouthwashes containing certified natural compounds effective at promoting gum and teeth health. Not only do they add to the mineral deposition of teeth, their anti-bacterial qualities eliminate foreign contaminants, leading towards a sterile and fresh mouth. We use Xylitol as a replacement for sugars since does not contribute towards causing cavities.

Once the mouth is free from bacteria and can maintain a stable pH value, teeth automatically start healing that is both convenient compared to relying on surgery at later stages and is accommodating for patients.