Pulpotomy Dubai

Nervous tissue within the baby tooth which has decayed beyond the point of natural healing is subjected to pulpotomy surgical procedure. The affected nervous tissue is isolated and removed from healthy tissue to keep the root canals healthy. Dental procedures direct surgical intervention wen the enamel of baby tooth has been breached by decay and is approaching the pulp (nervous tissue). If the decay is not treated on time, it reaches the nerves which results in immense and continuous pain for the patient.

Pulpotomy is a procedural approach, which can be divided in the following steps:

- The area subject to surgical procedure is desensitized using anesthetic.

- A path is created to reach the affected pulp by drilling through the surface of teeth right down to the nerve tissue.

- The affected pulp is removed from the healthy one.

- Medicine is applied on the pulp to accelerate the healing process.

- Tooth filling is applied to cover the opening and end the procedure.

The procedure is painless due to the use of anesthetic but is any pain is experienced for prolonged duration, prescription painkillers should be administered. The procedure itself is effective at removal of decaying pulp which can otherwise compromise healthy tissue and lead to further complications, so it is widely opted for by patients at Perfect Smile.