Porcelain Dental Crowns

Porcelain Dental Crowns Dubai

Porcelain crowns are ranked among the most popular choice by both patients and dentists since the porcelain compound is closely resembles natural enable of teeth. Enhancements in dental technology have significantly improved porcelain for dental procedures. Previously, it wasn’t strong enough to be used as the base for crowns, which was often constructed from metallic compounds followed by a porcelain overlay. When metal is used as base for crowns, it can often be seen through the gums as a dark line. At Perfect Smile, we do not use metallic compounds for the base of crowns for the following two reasons:

1) Porcelain closely resembles natural compounds of teeth and using metals to the crown adds an unnatural look which is easily distinguishable when light shines on them.

2) Metallic compounds excluding titanium often react with gum tissue, which leads to a host of medical issues.