Pediatric Dentist Dubai

Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric Dentist Dubai

Our clinic in Dubai has a highly skilled and experienced team of Pediatric Dentists fully equipped to provide your child with the best dental services. Our pediatric dental services extend from infants and toddlers to teens. We intend to provide your children with a comfortable and friendly environment and leave them with a fun filled memorable experience.

Why we must maintain our child’s primary teeth?

Maintenance of the health of primary teeth is of the utmost importance as these primary teeth guide the eruption of the permanent teeth. This factor can affect the teeth in a number of ways:
- Cavities originating in the primary teeth have a risk of spreading to the permanent teeth during their developmental stages.
- Premature loss of primary teeth through early extraction may result in the misalignment and change in the normal arrangement of the permanent teeth. This will require for Orthodontic treatment in your child’s future.
- Composition of the permanent teeth can be heavily affected by the spread of inflammation from the primary teeth pulp or supporting structures.

How Our Pediatric Dentists in Dubai can Help?

Our clinic in Dubai offers you extremely qualified Pediatric Dentists who are fully equipped to accommodate your needs or queries such as providing you with:

- Information about proper cleaning of teeth and necessary dental hygiene.

- Education about proper diet and nutrition in order to prevent cavities.

- Routine checkups to locate any possible diseases and necessary treatment.

- Applying fluoride to protect teeth against decay.

- Use of protective fillings and fissure sealants if the need arises.

How often should my child visit the Pediatric dentist in Dubai?

How often your child needs to visit a pediatric dentist purely depends on your child’s dental health. Our professionals can suggest the number of visits required to maintain your child’s dental heath after a proper examination. The standard for visiting a pediatric dentist is usually six months.