Oral Hygiene

Oral Hygiene Services in Dubai


What is it?

With the passage of time, teeth lose their luster due to usage and natural deterioration, which is signified by the formation of scaling and plaque on their exterior. If left unattended, not only does it hurt the beauty but also damages the teeth permanently. Perfect Smile oral hygiene services are designed to counteract these issues by providing scaling and polishing services which restore teeth to their fullest beauty and functionality.

What is Scaling and Why is it Important?

While regular brushing does remove the the daily buildup of bacteria and foreign contaminants, it does little against the continuous deposition of tartar on teeth. It is both bacterial in nature which leads to infections and decomposes the structure of teeth, compromising their integrity. This degrades their natural look and causes nervous pain that affects normal functions such as chewing. Food items such as tea, coffee and wine leave their mark on teeth which are very difficult to remove naturally and these stains are unsightly to display.

The scaling procedure is directed towards the removal of tartar deposition on exterior of teeth to save them from its damaging effects. Because scaling removes the buildup of foreign materials, it saves against tooth decay, chances of contracting bacterial infections and retains their sparkling beauty.

Our dentists are professionals in scaling procedures, which brings you a relaxing appointment that ultimately results in sparkling white teeth and perfect oral hygiene.

Scaling Procedures

We offer two scaling procedures for our clients to choose from, which are

  • Hand Scalers: They are customized according to dental requirements of patients; hence their dimensions and usage are specific in nature.
  • Electric Scalers: Rapid oscillations in water are utilized to remove buildup on teeth after which the water is removed from mouth. For quality assurance, hand scalers are also used at the end of the procedure to confirm whether all scaling has been flushed.

For polishing procedure, our dentists employ the usage of certified Air Flow and Rotating Brushes customized to suit the patient’s dental history. Moreover, we offer detailed instructions regarding dental maintenance for lasting effects.

We at Perfect Smile will tell you about the best way to clean your teeth and gums thoroughly at home.

Benefits of Dental Scaling

Dental scaling encompasses an enormous list of benefits, some of which are

  • Scaling removes plaque and tartar covering the teeth, which in turn exposes their natural beauty and contributes towards a sparkling smile.
  • Improves the oral hygiene by flushing out foreign contaminants such as plaque, pieces of food and tartar which are the leading cause for bacterial accumulation and bad breath.
  • Gum tissue remains healthy and is unaffected by issues such as infections and swelling.
  • Teeth start to become sensitive once their enamel wears off and the leading reason is plaque. This causes issues with normal activities such as chewing or subtle temperature differences in food. Scaling maintains the natural layering of plaque which reinforces tooth structure and facilitates following a normal routine.