Laser Surgeries

Laser Surgeries


Dental lasers function by focusing intense light at a singular, focused point which can then be used to perform complicated procedures. Since the laser sterilizes the tissue upon contact and does not leave any pressure on the targeted area, it protects against both bruising and infections that are often associated with other methods.

Some Major Advantages of Dental Laser

  • Owing to their extreme precision, dental lasers are utilized in complicated procedures where only a specific area has to be operated on. As a result, they do not cause secondary damage to surrounding tissue and allow dentists to conduct detailed procedures.
  • Bleeding from surgical openings is a norm during any dental operation, but laser surgeries significantly minimize blood loss by accelerating the coagulation process. This also allows dentists to clearly examine the site without visual obstruction from blood flowing out from the incision.
  • The lasers are precise and the depth of incision can be controlled, which increases the accuracy of any dental procedure.
  • Due to their sterilization effect resulting from intense heat, using lasers for dental surgeries eliminates the chances of bacteria entering the body and causing infections.
  • The laser cuts cause minimal tissue damage, which enhances the cellular regeneration process.
  • The incision does not require stiches for recovery as the laser incision closes up naturally.
  • The lasers do not cause any pressure on the targeted tissue and their incision is precise to a cellular level. Moreover, since the depth can be adjusted, any underlying nerves can be avoided and overall pain associated with the procedure can be considerably reduced.
  • The reduced pain and precision of the process leads towards shorter recovery times and eliminates the necessity of anesthesia.

Usage of Laser Dentistry

Because lasers provide numerous advantages over conventional dentistry methods and facilitate the overall procedures, they are swiftly being integrated into routine surgeries by dentist. Their widespread applications include but are not limited to

  • Removing excessive gum tissue from teeth.
  • Procedures involving dental implants.
  • Removal of abnormal pigmentation from gum tissue.
  • Treating cold sores.
  • Root Canal procedures.
  • Dental crowning procedures for teeth or implants.
  • Removal of abnormal growths or excessive tissue.

Our Laser Dentistry Services

At Perfect Smile, we prioritize our patient’s health and safety above all else and deliver quality services through the latest equipment in the market and by employing certified, professional dentists with practical experience in their field. As such, our services are comprised of both cutting edge technology and veteran professionals who strive to exceed our patient’s expectations.