Gum bleaching

Gum bleaching Dubai

It is common for patches or spots of abnormal pigmentation to deposit on gums. Fortunately, these can be easily removed with the help of gum depigmentation, which focuses on removing the excessive deposition of melanin that is the root cause for the condition. The concentrated deposition of melanin changes the natural color of gums from pink to black, which most often manifests in the form of black patches or spots. Smoking and usage of certain medicines can also be a contributing factor for the discoloration.

A thorough analysis of the patient is necessary to decide which form of treatment is to be selected, which ranges from laser and surgical to even chemical procedures. Melanocytes produce melanin and excessive production causes the discoloration. Dental lasers remove these cells in the gingival epithelium, which then heals on its own. The procedure is precise and does not require any anesthetic.