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What is an Over Denture?

An over denture is either a complete or partial denture which is fixed upon two existing implants. This technique firmly sets the dentures in their respective position, which eliminates issues such as bruising and inconsistent chewing associated with loose dentures. Over dentures lock into position until they are removed, which allows patients to use them effectively.

In case a patient previously owns dentures, they can be modified to serve as over denture. They are designed for durability and continuous usage so that they may serve the patient on a long term basis and will require minimum oversight from dentists. This permits a patient to freely continue their everyday lives without having to visit their dentist on a routine basis.

Our professional team of dentists at Perfect Smile highly recommend over dentures in the category of low dentures since they perfectly fit into their predefined positions and can be removed easily as the patient requires.

Implant Dentures / Hybrid Bridge

Although it is not technically classified as a denture but a fixed bridge, it still performs similar functions and is often associated with the category. Up to 6 dental implants are surgically embedded in both the superior and inferior dental arches and these implants are utilized as foundations for fixing the denture.

Although the denture cannot be removed on a nightly basis, it is classified as the steadiest of dentures. Following are the advantages of implanted dentures:

  • Dentures with loose fitting cannot be properly used to chew food, which often leads to gastric issues. With our customized, perfectly fitting dentures, patients are able to properly chew their food and lead a healthy lifestyle.
  • Dentures retain the normal facial structure by adding support where lacking. Since missing teeth can lead to facial distortion such as gap between nose and chin, Perfect Smile develops dentures which are tailored according to the dental necessities of the patient.
  • Dentures are long term solutions which allow the patient to lead an active and healthy lifestyle.

At Perfect Smile, we consider each patient’s case as unique and consequently develop dentures customized according to their necessities. With our affordable denture plans, you can pursue a normal lifestyle which includes all the activities associated with functional teeth.