No Waiting (or very minimal) ?

At Perfect Smile, we have the utmost respect for our patients’ time — and we don’t make them wait. In fact, we call our room a reception area instead of a “waiting room.” We ourselves despise waiting in lines and offices, and we can’t STAND it when our patients are “out there” waiting for us. So, we work every day — every hour — as a team to prevent patients from having to wait.

Our average "wait time" is about 3 minutes from the time you enter our doors to the time we starting bringing you back.

Things happen — and sometimes you have those days when you’re running behind. We have them too, and at these times we give our patients courtesy phone calls to give them a heads up that they may have to wait a bit. Maybe our patient has an errand he or she can squeeze in before coming to see us. Nevertheless, we respect our patients’ time. It’s just one more thing that sets Perfect Smile far apart from your typical health care experience.