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Dr. Ahmed Alsakar Graduated from AJMAN university of science and technology in 2014 , with Honor students degree , he was the top of his batch with an excellent grade ( AGPA 3.8/4.0 ), he was the president of Dental Student Association ( DSA ) and class student representative and a member of student affairs Council at Ajman University since 2009, He finished his MFD internship program from AJMAN university in 2015 , then he worked as G.P. Dentist in Prosthodontic and Oral Surgery departments in AJMAN university from 2015 -2016 ,then he moved to work as General and Cosmetic Dentist in Perfect Smile Dental Center  – Dubai

During the two years after graduation, he worked as a product specialist for DENMAT – USA,  LUMINEERS middle east distributor. He contributed a lot in LUMINEERS marketing in Gulf region specifically and in middle east generally until he gained the title of marketing sales team leader.

Dr Alsakar is a member of Member of American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry ( AACD ), he is Certified lumineers – Cerinate Smile Design- DENMAT, USA.  Certified Digital Smile Designer from Christian Coachman ( DSD Inventor ), and Certified EON Orthodontic Aligner.


Dr Alsakar is a confident communicator who can relate well to dental patients. Having a proven ability to ensure that dental practices in a surgery are continuously updated to provide first rate care to patients and their families.


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