Dental Youth Program

DYP is an educational organization that has been created by a professional team of dental health providers and dental health education personals. DYP aims to help UAE Community to get the required education and to practice the correct oral hygiene habits for better oral and dental health.

DYP wants to make sure that all aspects of oral health care are delivered in a comprehensive, continuously accessible, coordinated, and family-centered way.

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Benefits of Member

This program is exclusive to members of participating Dental Youth Program offering dental health and wellness arrangements for an optimum oral hygiene for your child and you.

By subscribing to the organization you will be get all the information about the proper oral hygiene for your children and some educational articles that can help you on how to prevent the possible cause of not giving attention to your children’s oral health.

Additional benefits

  • 25% Discount giving from Perfect Smile Orthodontic and Cosmetic Dental Center, for all dental routine (for age 1 – 12) Plus Demonstration of proper way of dental care.
    • For all members who are insured, we will follow the discount for their insurance policy. .

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DYP Mission

DYP would provide all the educational data needed for better understanding of good oral hygiene standards.

DYP can assist children and their parents/care givers in the quest for optimum oral health care. We believe that problem focused dental health education can increase the awareness of the parents and care givers towards better oral health of their children. We can work together by collecting data needed to provide an educational program that can guide parents and care givers for an absolute solution. Basically early Diagnosis, preventive care and treatment are all parts of an overall oral health care foundation.

DYP Vision

Our Vision is to be a leading organization for providing a guidance for Dubai and UAE Community to reduce oral and dental problem by providing the needed data accessable to every one and by working with other educational institutes for creating a problem focused programs and comparing results afterwards