Dental Problem

Tooth Pain

What is a Toothache?

A toothache is a form of pain experienced as a result of untreated dental condition around the teeth or jaws. These kinds of toothaches are generally produced from dental cavities, exposed tooth root, cracked or traumatized tooth. The pain that arises from such conditions ranges from mild and chronic to sharp and excruciating which if further aggravated can even lead to death. Since the bone of tooth has increased sensitivity during tooth ache, any hard chewing, cold or hot contact can easily amplify the pain. To properly diagnose the tooth ache, a thorough examination is required which involves dental X-rays, oral photographs and tests to determine the origin of pain in the jaw. At perfect smile our goal is not making money, but helping patients eat, breathe and smile.

If you are experiencing dental pain, then waste not another second of your time and book appointment for visit. This pain could be a result of poor oral hygiene, overused tooth brushes, change in toothpaste, abnormal clenching or overgrinding. If you are facing any of these issues, then contact our experts and save your teeth from decay or infection for ages to come.

Broken Tooth

Got Chipping?

Teeth are one the hardest bones of the body, but that doesn’t mean they can break, crack or chip. This can happen as a result of physical trauma, biting down something hard, weakened tooth due to cavities or clenching of teeth. Usually breaking off of a tooth may not hurt, but the jagged edge left off by the broken piece can hurt the tongue. Moreover, a larger piece breaking off can leave the nerves vulnerable and cause serious discomfort when eating or drinking cold and hot food.

At Perfect Smile, our dentists can determine if the break was caused by cavities, clenching / grinding, or just incidental trauma and if the tooth’s nerve is in danger. Depending on the severity of the break, the tooth may need an inlay, onlay or crown. A damaged nerve usually will require root canal treatment. Here at Perfect Smile Center we have an exceptional team of professionals who can evaluate and recommend the best treatment needed to restore your teeth!

With our exceptional team of professional and advanced equipment, we are able to diagnose the cause of the break and administer the prompt treatment for the tooth. The damaged tooth usually requires root canal to neutralize the pain resulting from open nerve endings. Our team of dentists analyze the severity of the break and perform the suitable procedure whether it is an inlay, outlay or crown.

Tooth Decay, Cavities, Caries

Do you know what is the number one chronic childhood illness is?

Tooth decay is known to be the most common ailment among all of today’s dental problems. It is not limited to any specific age group and can occur at any stage of life but it is most commonly observed in children and young adults, becoming one of the leading causes of tooth loss. Food residues left in the mouth are converted into acids by the bacteria that reside there. These acids combine with bacteria, food residues and saliva to form plaque.

The formation of plaque begins 20 minutes after the consumption of food. If this plaque is not removed by thorough brushing followed by flossing, the acids in the plaque deteriorate and dissolve the enamel of the teeth creating cavities (caries) in them.

Cavities are usually caused by lack of oral hygiene. At the beginning they are painless until they progress closer to tooth’s nerve receptors. If the decay is left untreated the structure of the tooth slowly depletes, leaving the internal structure vulnerable to food particles. The rotting is actually infection in your mouth, which to a bigger perspective is affecting your body since the bloodstream takes the infection through the entre blood circulatory system. The infection may contain pathogens and toxins that can severely affect your body. At perfect smile we deeply understand the significance of providing prompt, accurate and surgical dental care to make your teeth cavity free. We analyze every aspect before giving any treat or performing procedure. Our specialists measure pH levels, genetic background, dietary intake and other factors that determine the cause of the cavities so we can deliver the best means to eliminate them.

Unattractive Smile

Unattractive Smile

At our state of the art clinics, we offer many different options for improving unattractive smile for various types of teeth. You can sit down with our specialists to get a custom treatment plan that addresses all your concerns. Here are some popular appliances and procedures preferred by clients


Smile Design using Veneers


Our top appliances for giving the perfect smile is veneers. This appliance is made from a thin layer of ceramic bonded with the front teeth to conceal crooked teeth. We use veneers with smile design, that refers to the 8 upper frontal teeth which are exposed in a typical full smile. This gives control over the ultimate shape, color, symmetry and contour of the teeth.


Tooth Whitening

There are several whitening options available:

a) Traditional Tray whitening
b) In-Office “Laser” whitening

Cosmetic Bonding


Chemical bonding is one of the most preferred methods for fixing minor imperfections and obtaining the perfect smile. Unlike veneers, which can totally transform one’s smile, chemical bonding is used for small scale changes to fix minute flaws. It is not recommended for detailed procedures such as changing color, shape or contours of a large number of teeth. However, it is the best option for fixing slightly chipped teeth, filling in small gaps or slightly lengthening a tooth with a seamless finish. Bonding is considered to be the most technical procedure and can even be called an art form by a cosmetic dentist as the layering done must be identical to the natural enamel. The aim is to make the procedure good enough that it looks completely natural as if no work has ever been done on the teeth.

Dark Teeth

Dark Teeth

The perfect smile can mean everything to a person’s social and professional life, so don’t let dark teeth get in way to your happiness. At perfect smile we brighten up your teeth with advanced teeth brightening procedures that remove dark stains from your teeth which are resistant to teeth bleaching and teeth whitening treatments. Teeth that ate tetracycline stained are resilient to most teeth whitening treatments and are require special dental care. Come for a visit and we recommend the best option for you.

Gum Disease/Periodontal Disease Treatment

Gum Disease/Periodontal Disease Treatment

Having a healthy mouth is the most talked about body hygiene nowadays. Thanks to medical science and technological advancements, diseases can be microscopically diagnosed and rooted to their ultimate cause. One prevailing cause of bad health, diseases and systematic conditions is an unhealthy mouth. At perfect smile our dental specialist always emphasizes our patients to maintain their oral health at all costs, as it puts you at risk of developing different kinds of diseases, illnesses and ailments such as cold sores, mouth infections, cardiovascular disease, pre-term labor, diabetes, blood poisoning, inflammatory conditions and even auto-immune disorders. All these form a compelling reason to protect your mouth by keeping it at optimum health. Improving the health of your mouth systematically reduces the risk of any kinds of diseases mentioned above, while also reducing the need to take medicine if you have any ongoing illness.


According to a recent survey, bad oral hygiene is the most common reason many teenagers and adults lose their teeth before their time. Food that is stuck between teeth and gums form cavities that decay their way through the tooth until it is reduced to waste. Bacteria then takes residence and rots the bone and flesh causing excruciating pain to the host. Moreover, these infections set off other complications, affecting the performance of the entire body.


At Perfect Smile, we like nothing more than seeing our clients in perfect health and the first step for obtaining good health is to have a healthy mouth. From your very first appointment in our establishment to your regular cleaning visits, will ensure that your teeth and gums are in perfect health by using our cutting-edge technology and team of experts. We will guide you along the way on how to prevent and treat any dental health problem that you may face.


What are the signs of an unhealthy gum? You can find this out by conducting a simple test. Thoroughly floss between your teeth and observe if the floss comes back with any blood on it. Bleeding of gums during the process of cleaning them is a clear indicator of unhealthy gums. You could have gingivitis or a number of other serious diseases. At Perfect Smile we are all about tending to the patients’ needs and providing them with the least painful and best health care options. Our conservative custom treatments aim to provide treatment for unhealthy gums without the painful and bloody deep cleanings and gum surgeries. If your dental hygienist has recommended a gum surgery or a deep cleaning for you, we suggest that you schedule an appointment at Perfect Smile, our state of the art technologies just might be able to help you out without causing all that unnecessary pain. For more details or a consultancy, book an appointment with us.


Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom Teeth

The development of wisdom teeth, also known as third molars, often starts in adolescence. The major challenges with wisdom teeth, that have become a leading cause for their tooth decay, infection and associated gum diseases is that they are difficult to keep clean and in most cases, there is little to no room for them in the mouth.

About 65% of the population will develop wisdom teeth between ages 12 and 15. Some wisdom teeth will never erupt and stay impacted. Those that do erupt, can cause pain as they erupt through the gum tissue. There are clinical examinations and radiographs that should be taken prior to the removal of any teeth, especially wisdom teeth, as they may be close to the mandibular nerve or sinus cavity. Removal of wisdom teeth is a surgical procedure and is often recommended to be done under conscious sedation. If you or your child is experiencing pain or tenderness, erupted wisdom teeth could be one of many causes. Give us a call and we will



Uneven bite is one of the distinctive characteristics of malocclusion. You may not experience any pain or difficulty in chewing in this dental ailment but it is the cause of uneven wearing of the teeth at a fast rate.

Malocclusion can be defined as the crooked placement of teeth resulting in a misaligned bite. Although the mouth functions properly in malocclusion, however it leads to the accelerated deterioration of teeth. This causes for the teeth that contribute to the facial structure to reduce in size, alter in shape and weaken in strength. It ultimately compromises dental health as it decreases the durability of teeth. At perfect smile we have the complete solution to malocclusions with AI technology to design and restructure models for your teeth.

Missing Teeth/Implants

Missing Teeth/Implants

Missing teeth present a host of issues for patients, which can easily be solved with the help of dental implants. Patients had the limited options of bridges and dentures before the perfection of dental implant procedures, which came with their own host of issues. Bridges necessitate additional procedures on teeth to suit their structure and crowning is performed on damaged teeth which causes issues for adjacent teeth. Moreover, bridges have also been noted to increase the chances of cavities and tooth decay.

An implant is comprised of:

-  Implant Post: The artificial root for tooth, which is typically managed by a titanium screw.
-  Implant Abutment: Functions as support for the tooth.
-  The Implant Crown: The area which has been crowned.

Implants offer similar functionality to real teeth and do not require periodic removal. They can be brushed like regular teeth which offers convenience to the patients. The dental implant procedure spans over a period of 6 to 12 months which guarantees that the implant is successfully fused with the bone. Implants are a long term solution and can easily serve the patient for their entire life.

Missing Teeth/Dentures

Missing Teeth/Dentures

The most common misconception about dentures is that they ruin the natural smile of the patient and hence have often been neglected by both dentists and patients. At Perfect Smile, we strive to bust this misplaced myth by developing customized dentures for the patients which are designed as per their biological requirements. The dentures allow our patients to not only continue with an active and healthy lifestyle but it also keeps their smiles shining.

Perfect Smile dentists treat patients all over UAE and are dedicated towards restoring the dental health of their patients to the fullest potential. We offer an immersive experience where the patient is involved during the entire process of cosmetic denture creation since their selection of elements such as gum shade and preferences for shape are imperative for the perfect end product.

Infection/Abscess in Tooth

Do you think you have a tooth infection? Abscess?

The leading cause for bacterial infections in teeth is the entry of bacteria in root pulp. This happens when their structural integrity is compromised and the bacteria travels from external environment to the tooth pulp. Since the tooth pulp is directly connected with bloodstreams which run across the entire body, any bacteria entering from here can affect affect overall health.

An abscess is defined by a continuously multiplying mass of bacterial infection usually located in the jaw bones which harm the roots of the affected teeth. Since the infection damages sensitive tissue and leads to pressure on nerves, abscess is painful to endure.

The entry of almost all materials is dependent on the mouth, hence all health is related to it. An infection in the mouth allows bacterial to travel via bloodstream to the entire body. Many serious health conditions such as heart attacks, diabetes and immunity related issues are a resultant of abscess.

Our professionals at Perfect Smile ensure that the patients experience the fullest quality of life by being at the prime of their health through dental hygiene. Symptoms such as swollen gums, unnatural bleeding and pain are signs indicating dental health problems and a dental appointment. Feel free to reach out to us at your leisure and we will be happy to accommodate your appointments.